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How to start developing Flutter for windows plug-ins using the Win32 API

Introduction. Who are you? Hi, I'm arasan01_dev ( @arasan01_dev ). I've been thinking about starting youtube lately, and when I was thinking about stuff, I created a plugin for Flutter for windows. I thought I would have to prepare a lot of things when I started my activities, so I got the domain name , which was just right because the domain name is required to register a publisher on the "". I got the domain name from Google Domains, so the "" authentication was fast because it was in Google. I'm pleased about that. I've been away from Flutter for a few years now, having only tried it out for iOS and Android development, and came back when I heard that it could be used for Windows development. So my experience with Flutter development is almost zero. I usually develop iOS apps (Swift is good). What did you make? Flutter for windows, as is, cannot receive files by drag and drop. Of course, you can

I am preparing to become more active in personal activities.

Hello, this is arasan01_dev. As a result of various motivations after a long time, I've decided to strengthen my output related to programming technology. Recently, I've been working on my Youtube channel and technical input to prepare for starting my own Youtube channel for Japan and overseas. This blog is mainly about what I've been doing and working on, and I may also write transcripts of my talks on Youtube.